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The site is new and up fast before I leave for Italy. I’ll be presenting my new research discoveries – how to use gemstones for energy balancing – in Bergamo April 30. When I return, I’ll update the site, make a blog and share relevant case histories. For those who wish to acquire my course and gem sets now, this site is functional. This prices are substantially reduced during the pre-launch. In trade, I’d like some testimonials of your experiences measuring what these gemstones do to your subjects with muscle testing, or meridian diagnostics of any kind. I want your stories to share here as testimonials.

The first big project in some time, a new gemstone kinesiology course is ready: Balancing the Yin Meridians and the Gaits with Gemstones. The course manual and the set of 7 gemstones and one piece of wood are now available.

The course manual is nearly 100 pages and can be purchased for immediate download.

The accompanying set of gemstones is available by mail.

Gems that balance the Yin Meridians and the Gaits

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Free: To receive my 16 page journal article, Applied Kinesiology – Energy Balancing with Gemstones – with text and graphics excerpted from the course manual, click below and

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