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Update 7 July 2017  The Touch for Health conference is next week in Kansas City. I’ll be there as a presenter as will my first trained “FrostAK” teacher, Masato Nakamura. At the Italy IASK conference, I only had twenty minutes. This time, I’ll have a full hour. I’ll be presenting my new research discoveries – how to use gemstones for energy balancing. 

In order to produce high-quality scientific research, I need to gather data from many others who practice muscle testing. Would like to participate in testing whether the gemstones I’ve discovered really do strengthen weak-testing muscles?  

The new gemstone kinesiology course manual and the set of 7 gemstones and one piece of wood are now available.

During the month of July, I am offering a large reduction in prices for my meridian balancing gemstone sets and my workshop manual, Balancing the Yin Meridians and the Gaits with Gemstones. In trade, I’d like you to test the gemstones with your subjects. When a Yin muscle tests weak, try our my recommended gemstone. Then keep a record as to whether it strengthened the muscle or not. That’s what I need. I would also like some testimonials of your experiences measuring what these gemstones do to your subjects with muscle testing, or meridian diagnostics of any kind. I want your stories to share here as testimonials.

So take this opportunity to gather wonderful new tools and knowledge for your kinesiology sessions.

The accompanying set of gemstones is available by mail.

Gems that balance the Yin Meridians and the Gaits

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