Heart Meridian Balancing Gemstones


Antlerite Cu3(SO4)(OH)4

The gemstone that balances the Heart meridian is Antlerite. Antlerite is a copper sulfate hydroxide. Antlerite is rare, expensive and often fragile. I looked up the chemistry and found that there is another copper sulfate hydroxide, Brochantite. Chemistry geeks will recognize the two valence states of Copper, Cu+2 and Cu+3 that yield these two different varieties of copper sulfate hydroxide.

Brochantite Cu4SO4(OH)6
Brochantite also balances the Heart meridian. Yeah! But it is also rare, expensive and fragile. Sigh!

Since I am supplying the meridian balancing gemstones as beads, I needed to find an alternative. I found a type of wood that also balances the Heart meridian. So I bought, sawed, drilled and sanded pieces to add to our set of meridian balancing gemstones.

My wood shop

The wood that balances the Heart meridian. It’s tiny cones do so, too.

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