New Minerals Kindly Supplied


  In my kinesiology research, I’ve found that the gemstone Fluorite balances the gait functions. Fluorite is CaF2, Calcium Fluoride.  On the same row of the periodic table with Calcium are Beryllium, Magnesium, Strontium, Barium, and Radon. It seems logical and perhaps likely that the Fluoride compounds of these metals might also be useful for one.

Body Language and Postural Analysis


Abstract: Postural analysis is an important part of the study of body language. Postural balance is maintained by equal, continuous tension (tone) between pairs of opposing muscles (antagonists). When one of a pair of opposing muscles is over-tight (palpatory hypertonic), it weakens (inhibits) the other. Or when one is under-toned (hypotonic), it causes the other.

Heart Meridian Balancing Gemstones


Antlerite Cu3(SO4)(OH)4 The gemstone that balances the Heart meridian is Antlerite. Antlerite is a copper sulfate hydroxide. Antlerite is rare, expensive and often fragile. I looked up the chemistry and found that there is another copper sulfate hydroxide, Brochantite. Chemistry geeks will recognize the two valence states of Copper, Cu+2 and Cu+3 that yield these two.

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