Gems (and wood) that balance the Yin meridians and the Gaits


The seven gemstones (and one piece of wood) that balance the Yin meridians and their related muscles. The gemstone that balances the Gaits  here, too. These are all the gems needed for the related course: Balancing the Yin Meridians and Gaits with Gemstones.



Set of 8 Yin balancing gems – These are the gemstones that reliably balance the function of the muscles related to the six bilateral Yin meridians, the Central meridian and the Gaits. They are the gems we learn to work with in Gem Course 1. Balance the Yin meridians and most problems are erased from your energy system! One of these stones will do so for you. When you demonstrate how these gems balance your clients, they will be amazed and will tell their friends about your work!


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