Introduction to Muscle Testing, the Gaits and Repetitive Muscle Testing




Introduction to Muscle Testing, Gaits, and Repetitive Muscle Tests

Learn to accurately test meridians, as well as muscles the way medical doctors do.

Why Learn About Meridians and Muscle Testing?

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, health depends upon a free flow of energy through all of your Yin and Yang meridians – the energy pathways upon which the acupuncture points are located. Specific muscles are associated with specific meridians from the Chinese system. Thus, learning to test the muscles associated with each meridian allows you to assess the energy balance of the physical body and all your “subtle” bodies (emotional, mental, abstract or spiritual).

Learning to correct the gaits will give you the ability to greatly increase coordination and thereby improve the quality of life for your clients. Imagine when your work with the gaits causes the “bookworm” boy to discover that he has great coordination and sports ability, too! Correcting repetitive muscle failure will help old folk to easily climb stairs again and help the marathon runner to not run out of energy before the end of the race.

These trainings will give you the ability to assess the effect of anything upon you or your clients. Nutritional counselors will learn to assess which specific nutrients each individual requires for optimal health. Psychologists will learn to swiftly determine what is stressing their clients. Sports therapists will learn to swiftly and safely get their athletes back into the game. Whatever your field of therapy, learning muscle testing as taught in these courses will significantly increase your ability to help those in your care. And the specific uses of gemstones and woods for balancing energies as taught here will give you unique attractiveness and thus bring you far more clients.


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